QKR Winter seminar wrap up

I’m quite time pressed this morning, having to get up to Bundaberg by 1 pm. However I can’t step off before providing a brief wrap up of the weekend just past. (Glorying in a proud Sensei moment)

In short, the weekend was an amazing success on all levels. It has been the highest attended State-level event in many years, with Kendo, Iaido and Jodo all being well represented.

As a Club we had some wonderful successes. Grading results:

From Toowoomba, Kateena and Sean T were both successful in challenging for 1KYU, and Sean Mc (still an honorary Toowoomban) met the challenge for his long overdue Shodan.

We also saw the first gradings from Go Gin Club. Ivan achieved Iaido 3KY and Kendo: 5KYU; and Tamara her Iaido 3KYU.

Well done guys. You have done yourselves proud!

Amazing efforts made in supporting the group house and the event by everyone there — those mentioned above as well as Sian, Tracy, Jones, Isaacs sensei, Matt Cooper (successful for his 2DAN Kendo). Many thanks to all those who organised the event, especially Tom Johnson sensei!

Will write more later. Must rush.

Will look forward to training with you this week!