Reminder of Andrew Seyderhelm Russian Martial Arts Seminar this Saturday

I have to say I am really looking forward to this weekend, where BBRD will be hosting Andrew Seyderhelm to provide a full day seminar in Russian martial arts.

Andrew is one of the founding members of BBRD and a fully qualified Combat Systema instructor under Kevin Secours and Vasiliev Systema instructor (in the days before some of the senior practitioners looked like they were auditioning for a spot in the Ministry of Silly Walks). In recent years he has worked as a Sydney-based officer in the Australian Federal Police.

Andrew intends to teach from his experiences with the AFP, in particular the ethical and legal framework that we exist within when practising the martial arts and engaging in self defence.

I can't oversell the opportunity to train with Andrew. He is a fine martial artist with an excellent knowledge of the core principles and training approaches that initially attracted us to the Russian Art. This is probably your best opportunity to see how the core pillars of breath, relaxation, posture and movement can be put into a practical, no nonsense, no bulldust delivery framework.

There will be two sessions — 10am–1pm and 2–5pm. Costs for the day will be $60 for BBRD members and $80 for non-members, or $40 and $50 respectively for one session.

We are also wanting to go to dinner on the Saturday night, with details to be confirmed by Wednesday. If you are wanting to join us, please let Michael know ASAP so that we can book sufficient seats.