Jodo intensive this week coming

Adrian Knight will be hosting a week long introduction of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo at the MEAC beginning Monday 7 July. Assisting will be Humberto Heyden, a SMR Jodo practitioner from Chile. Humberto is a practitioner of Shotokai Karate, and started SMR Jodo with Nishioka Sensei in 2006, making regular training trips to Japan.

Over 4 nights we will cover the basic handing and use of the sword and the jo (128cm staff). Adrian and Humberto will also demonstrate kata, the main tool of transmitting the technical and psychological aspects of a one on one duel with weapons. In this week the students will be encouraged to have a go and learn as much as they can absorb!

This will be followed by a weekend seminar, which will feature senior practitioners such as Glen Henry Sensei,  and menkyo kaiden holder Katsuhiko Arai Sensei.

There will be no jujutsu or iaijutsu classes next week and all of those students are strongly encouraged to participate next week. Please let us know by Friday if you are going to participate so that we can source sufficient jo and bokken.

Jodo Introduction


6:30-8:30pm, Monday to Thursday, July 7-10

Jodo Weekend seminar
Saturday 12 10am to 5pm
Sunday 13 9am to 2pm

$30 for four nights Jodo Intro
$30 for weekend seminar
$45 combined price