Combined Jodo Training

Hello all,

Training last Saturday (19 Nov.) with Glen Henry Sensei and students was to have been at Queens Park in Ipswich. Due to circumstances, I was the only one able to attend so training was moved to Chushinkan Dojo in Brisbane. I had an intensive training day starting at 10:30 am (10:30 hrs) and continuing until 3:30 pm (15:30 hrs) with a lunch break involving watching Moments in the Dojo, a DVD with Nishioka Sensei teaching and performing techniques in Omote Kata (the first jo kata group in SMR Jodo). Training started with working on Kihon and after lunch working on Omote Kata. I would like to thank Glen Henry Sensei for the time he spent helping me with my technique - if I retain but only half of what I was taught I should be more than doubly improved in my skills.

The next training for down in Ipswich is expected to happen in January sometime after New Year. Please let me know which Saturday would work best.