Training for the next fortnight

Semester is rapidly drawing to a close, and for me personally this will mean an extended time away from Toowoomba. I will be heading up to Bundaberg as usual for this week, but will be staying there over the weekend and travelling on to Rockhampton for residential school and a practical exam.  

This will mean that after tonight, I am unable to physically be in the Toowoomba dojo till Saturday 2 June, nor will be able to run training in Gin Gin on Wednesday 30 May. I will try to run some virtual dojo supervision’s in that time, especially for Iaido and Kendo, though this will be partially dependent on my level of internet connectivity while in Rockhampton. 

We will also chat in Gin Gin this week as to the possibility of a Saturday session this week, hopefully in sync with the usual Toowoomba training so we can video link the sessions. Watch this space!