Boxing & Systema

Well Anzac day is almost here, so I’m thinking it’s a great time to talk about the martial arts of Boxing and Systema, but before then, I’d like all of us to remember the ones that have serviced in combat zones around the world and at home, so we could be free thinking and to train and live life the way we choose too.

Now it’s being a great pleasure running Boxing & Systema at the club, were seeing an increase in numbers on both Mondays boxing Classes and also on the Thursday Systema classes, were seeing a lot of progress with both classes especially with Ray, Dillon and Peter from the boxing classes and I’m seeing a huge improvement in the whole group in Systema. 
So keep up the great work guys, 

Today's Systema Tip:  

"The person with the most flexible behaviour, will control the system" But be warned, not to overuse it!!! 

Sean C