International Jodo Federation Gasshaku wrapup

Hello All,

Apologies for the tardiness of this report on the IJF Gasshaku that was held in Brisbane last month…there were a few tidbits that were developing during the Gasshaku that are closer to being finalised.

The Gasshaku was an intensive week long training session that allowed everybody to develop their skills through practice with people from nearly all over the world and to receive instruction from some of the top practitioners of the art, including demonstrations and instruction from Pascal Krieger Sensei.

The Gasshaku started proper on the Sunday and finished on Friday, however when I arrived on the Saturday prior there were people already training. The days of the Gasshaku were as such: one hour of kehone training starting at 0600 hrs (6 am), followed by three hours of training (after official bow-in) starting at 0900 hrs, then after lunch four hours of training starting at 1400 hrs (2 pm). Wednesday was a day off (and much appreciated) where most attendees went for a day trip to Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Three Menkyo Kaiden (certificate of full transmission) were given after the Embu on Friday: Glen Henry, Paul Maloney and Andy Poulos. With additional Menkyo Kaiden to be presented to two other Australians in the near future (Mike Yates and Bruce Harris). This will give five active Menkyo holders to Australia.

In addition, the most senior Australian jodo practitioners met during the Gasshaku to discuss the possible formation of the Australian Jodo Federation. This with the granting of the Menkyo can lead to exciting times for jodo in Australia.

As a final wrap up to the Gasshaku, Glen Henry Sensei gave Oku Iri certificates to six of his most senior students on the 8th of September.

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