Thanks to all who helped on Saturday— and more regular cleans

Just want to put out a big round of thanks to Brad, Harrison, Peter, Raymond, Sian, and Tracy, who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help start the Holy Name school year by giving a good scrub to the mats and a thorough tidy of the MEAC. Special mention to Ray, who also continued on to give the rest of the School community a help with the P&F organised tidy up of the school grounds, and to Sian and Tracy who gave the toilet area of the MEAC what seemed like its first thorough clean is some time.

We talked with Kathy Bliss on the day and the Club will be looking to assist the school community on a more regular basis, including providing assistance on working bee days and taking regular charge of cleaning the MEAC, including the toilets, and more regular mats cleans through the school term. To that end, the school will be providing some more cleaning equipment to that we can keep the dojo space to the standard that we should expect.