KJA sword raffle tickets now available

Komei Juku Australia are currently raffling 2 shinken (cutting swords) amongst their clubs.

Adam Brannigan Sensei has already sold some tickets amongst current Toowoomba KJA members, but has a few more available to BBRD members, if anyone might be interested.  

The raffle is in two rounds.  The first round winner gets first choice of the two blades on offer. The second round winner gets the remaining blade.  Attached are some photos of the blades; note the black blade, and note the furnishings which reflect the Komei Juku aesthetic (bamboo leaves of the tsuba and menuki).  

Tickets can be purchased from Adam, for $10.00 a ticket, during Iaijutsu class times or by directly contacting him (mob: 0407 236 994).  Very few of the first-round tickets are left. Good luck!

Images courtesy of Komei Juku Australia