Seitei Iaido - Monthly update...

As all BBRD members are probably aware, the Seitei Iaido Kohokai group has moved its practise session to Thursday nights, commencing at 7:40PM. All is going well, with members travelling twice weekly to Redbank Plains to train at the main dojo with Kohokai instructor, Tom Johnson.

Tom is currently in Perth at a national seminar, training with Iaidoka such as Nagiyama-sensei (7th dan) and Raymond Lawrence-sensei (6th dan). James Archer is covering the 3 sessions at
Redbank while Tom-san is away.

The club recently had a full-day seminar at Moggill with Sydneysider Klara Lantay-Owens (3rd dan), who specialises in standing technique in her kata — a great day was had by all, and Klara taught some excellent alternative kata for those of us who may have trouble kneeling in seiza.

As always, any BBRD members who have an interest in traditional Japanese swordsmanship are welcome to come to the Thursday night session, and anyone interested in travelling to Redbank for training can contact James regarding times and carpooling.