Expression of interest: Tozando order

Those of you who are subscribed to the Tozando news feed will know that they have changed their pricing from Yen to US Dollars. This will mean that we may not have as stable a price relationship for Tozando gear as the AUD/USD exchange rate tends to fluctuate a little more than the AUD/YEN rate. However, to smooth the transition, Tozando are offering significant discounts on a range of their goods. This, in combination with proposed changes to the charging of GST on all imported goods come July 1 (not just those over the $1000 threshold), may mean that it is a good opportunity to purchase something now rather than later.

Please let me know by week's end if you wish to participate in a Club order to reduce the cost of shipping. I note that in particular they are offering discounts on Kendo, Iaido and Aikido uniforms, so if you have been after something, now would be the time to purchase it. If you can select which items you are interested in, I can calculate a combined price (including share of shipping and any further Club discounts).