Yamato Taiko drummers group booking?

The Taiko group are getting together a group booking of 10+ people to see Yamato at the Empire Theatre. This will get us in for $49 each (that's $6 off per adult). Are you interested in joining us? 
Please email/talk with Sian : 4631 2725 (work) by Friday 11 August, if you would like to get a discounted ticket with us. It will be a great night!


VENUE: Empire Theatre

WHEN: Tuesday 12 September, 8pm

TICKETS: $45 - $55

Heart-thumping rhythm, thunderous sounds and explosive beats, the Yamato drummers of Japan push their limits in this staggering display of physical strength and ferocious skill.

In this high-energy performance, the unmistakable sound of the traditional Taiko drum, used in Shinto rituals, is challenged by Yamato as they use their entire bodies to produce their breathtaking beats.

Yamato was founded in Japan's Nara Prefecture in 1993. Every year, Yamato tours the world for 6 to 10 months, creating and presenting original Yamato compositions and stages. The troupe will continue to cherish and uphold Yamato, the spirit of Japan.

With drums that weigh up to half a tonne, the Yamato drummers' remarkable physical strength and trademark infectious energy leaves you feeling totally exhilarated!

"★★★★★ Pure energy meets spiritual high" - Scotsman