Farewell all, from MJER Iaijutsu and Naginatjutsu

Hello All,

After some lengthy consideration, I have decided to take leave of the club to offer training to the current iaidoka at another location, and under a different timetable.  I have not been able to offer regular classes lately, due to the requirements of the degree, and more lately, my casual employment, and so discussed my options with my students, before making a decision.  We have come to a more informal and private arrangement for the foreseeable future.  We will still maintain a relationship with BBRD, however, and will still possibly see you all, here and there. 

I'd like to extend a very sincere and humble thank you to Michael and Sian for all the astounding work they do for BBRD.  Without them, the club would not function. 

It has been a wonderful few years. Thank you.

Our last night of training at MEAC will be on Wednesday 02-12-15.