Jujutsu seminar this weekend

Most of you who have been regularly attending class will be aware that this Saturday the Club will be hosting Cormac Farrell, one of my training partners from the "old days" as an undergrad in Canberra. Cormac is taking the opportunity to come up and visit Toowoomba on the back of a professional conference he is attending in Brisbane this week. 

Cormac and I used to train together under Chris Bishop in Yu Shih Tao Kung Fu, and he is a Jujutsu yudansha under Peter Moreton's school. Earlier this year, he attended the Kodokan Judo intensive Summer School in Tokyo, and is very keen to share some of the tips an insights he developed while there, and to meet as many of the Club members that make up our community. 

The plan is to have a morning session of training with lunch afterwards at the Mort Estate Hotel. We will be at the dojo from 9 am to give the MEAC its usual Saturday clean and preparation, then train 9.45am – 12.30pm before heading to lunch. This will replace the usual Saturday afternoon training session, as a few of us will be attending a wedding later that day.

I'd urge everyone to try and make it for this session, even those of you who have been away from training for a while. There will be plenty to learn and fun to be had. Regular mat fees apply for participating.