Welcome to August ...

This week marks the start of what has traditionally been an overpacked month of activity for the Club. And for those of us studying, it is also accompanied by the avalanche of deadlines for first assignments. This year is no different, with Club based activities and commitments scheduled for every weekend. 

As noted last week, this Sunday morning, we will be off to the knife defense seminar being taught by Jason Griffiths, sensei and Don Ouellette, sensei just outside of Marburg. Details can be found on the Club's "What's On" calendar on the web site. Currently, we have five of us heading down, and if you wish to add to this number, you must let me know today, as the organisers need to confirm how many to cater for. We will finalise transport arrangements on Thursday evening in between Arnis and Jujutsu. There will be no Kendo or Arnis training this Sunday as a consequence. 

We will confirm later this week, but we may still get a quick Kendo session in this Saturday to make up for the absence of Sunday training. I'm considering a quick session from 2.00–3.20 pm, which then still allows for us to help with the regular dojo clean before Jujutsu. While reminded of that, I'll talk about cleaning in next weeks's bulletin. 

From there, the month only becomes more busy. Next week we are planning a trip down to Brisbane to train with the Kenshinkai in Kendo, the following week is both the opportunity to do your First Aid/CPR refresher with Chris Clayton, the Queensland Kyudo Association's Annual General Meeting (using Zoom as a way of remote conferencing this in), and the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival. The week after is another Brisbane trip to participate in the IBF Training Day. So yes, something extra curricular each weekend. I will let everyone know about what impact his might have on regular training schedules as each week starts.