Final push for the semester ...

I now only have two more exams for this semester, and I am then done till the second week of July. As a result it will be the last week of “regular” semester scheduled training in both Toowoomba and Bundaberg districts till the start of Term 2. 

I will be giving some thought to the training schedule for the inter semester break to how we best continue in the second half of the year. In particular, I am considering options on Saturday Jujutsu given numbers have again been really low. With exams are in full swing, this is understandable. However, I am reluctant to continue classes if only one or two folk are showing up for the hour session. We may have to go back to the booking system that we used towards the end of last year, where we require a minimum of three confirmed students to run the session. We shall have a chat about it tonight at the conclusion of regular training, and see what we can do to make this best work for everyone. 

By contrast, Kendo is going from strength to strength. I particularly relished the opportunity this past Saturday of training with Atsushi-san, a visiting kendo yondan, who will be in the vicinity Toowoomba region for a number of weeks. With a little over a month before the winter QKR seminar, it is great to see everyone’s enthusiasm and focus. Kudos to Minty for keeping things on a role Wednesday nights, and to everyone both in Toowoomba and Gin Gin for throwing themselves into training. 

We are heading into the busy period of the year for the Club. So do stay tuned for updates next week!