All quiet on the Western Front ...

Not much to report this week in the land of BBRD. Most everyone is back to school/uni this week, and I will be back to Bundaberg this Tuesday afternoon. It was great however to have a few more sessions down here in Toowoomba this week past.  

Just a couple of house keeping matters. First, can I please ask everyone to ensure that you bring adequate foot ware to the dojo so that you are not walking into the toilets bare foot and then training on the mats. While the will most likely be clean tonight give the pupil free day at HNCPS, we can be pretty certain that they will not stay that way.  

Secon, could you please ensure that you are getting to class sufficiently early so that you can assist with the set up and so that classes can run to time. With school back, we are back to setting up and packing away each night, and part of your responsibilities are to assist with that process. 

Have a great week everyone, and I will hope to catch you over the next few days at the Dojo!