Late posting for Jodo

Hello All,

Apologies for the late posting, but due to communication issues scheduling couldn't be finalised until now.

Jodo inter-dojo training will take place this Saturday (18 March) at the MEAC (yes, in Toowoomba) starting at 09:30 hrs (9:30 am). It would be good to see all Jodo practitioners there. I would suggest to show up before 09:30 in order to make yourselves ready for training by start time. Bring your uniform (dogi & hakama if you have one, or a Karate or Jujutsu gi would be fine), jo, and bokken (both long & short version if you have them).

I will be at the MEAC at 09:00 to give the Dojo a bit of a spruce up, I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this.

Training will follow with a demonstration in various flavours of Jodo.

See you there.