A little project for the next three weeks

Along with catching up on the last three months of projects around my house, I will be spending a portion of time before the start of the new academic term focussing on a number of things that we need to take the Club into its next ten years. 

As we forgrounded at this year’s AGM, we will be looking to get BBRD ready for incorporation as a not-for-profit association. This will require developing a fully worked business case, a redraft of the Club’s constitution, and a consolidation of the Club’s bylaws, including position descriptions for the Executive and a reevaluation of the Club’s risk management framework.  

I personally need to ensure that a number of these matters are progressed due to upcoming reaccreditation requirements for my NCAS Jujutsu qualification (23–24 July), and will be receiving help from Executive members to make this possible in the timeframe. If any other ordinary members would like to help, that would be most appreciated. Please contact me with your expression of interest ASAP so that I can schedule the work flow.  

Incorporation provides a number of significant advantages for the Club. First, it constitutes the Club as a legal entity, allowing it to apply for a far wider range of funding opportunities and enter into contracts such as rental agreements. This then provides the Executive and the membership more broadly with the protection of limited liability, on top of our current insurance cover.  

So as they say in the classics, onwards and upwards!