Mat clean this Saturday (and Monthly dojo spruce up)

This Saturday is an excellent opportunity for us to have a mini spruce up of the dojo, including a thorough clean of the mats. This is an important part of our hygiene protocols at the Club, and is something that we should all contribute to.

Given that we will be transporting a portion of our mats for O Week Market Day activities, and we may well have new members come along for their first sessions in the coming week, I want for all of us to ensure that we are putting our best foot forward and providing the correct impressions of the Club's values.

So it would be excellent if as many folk as possible could come at 3 pm on Saturday, armed with an old towel to help give the mats a clean. In addition, if you have a bucket and mop to bring, we can give the MEAC floor a decent (and relatively quick) mop down too!