BBRD Jujutsu grading opportunity Saturday 4 May

There will be an available grading opportunity for Jujutsu on Saturday 4 May. We shall be starting at 10.30 am at the MEAC. 

Those interested in challenging for a grade must notify me of their intention, and deposit the $30 grading fee into the Club’s account no later than Friday 3 May. 

Make sure that you have a look at the required grading sheet to assess the criteria against which you will be assessed. If you do not have access to one for the grade you are attempting, please contact me urgently so I can send a copy through to you. 

The lead up to this grading is less than ideal due to a number of factors, including my being away till the day of the grading and other dates in May being unavailable. I would strongly urge that you work closely with Brady in class so sharpen up your skills and/or clarify with him any issues regarding the syllabus.