Saturday jujutsu

Attendence at Jujutsu classes has dropped off in recent months, particularly on Saturdays. In many cases I know this has been the result of a large range of factors including illness, family, work, and study. However, I have been concerned that with such low attendence, that the opportunity to train on a Saturday is not being valued. 

As a trial for next month, I will be setting up a Facebook sub-group for Jujutsu students with a series of "events" for the Saturday classes. Please ensure that you register whether you will be coming or not by the Friday prior to class. If we do not have five confirmed starters by first thing Saturday morning, I will cancel the class for that weekend.  

If you are not on Facebook, you can e-mail me directly and I will register that against the desire to attend. If you say that you are coming and then do not show up twice, you will be on a one-week "probation" where your vote will not count towards the total number needed to trigger a class. 

This may seem drastic, but do remember that I give up my weekends largely to provide opportunities for others to train, and this includes making it difficult for Sara and I to plan activities on the weekend. Given that Jujutsu is already serviced by two weeknight classes, it is the obvious candidate to be trimmed from my schedule if there is insufficient interest to justify running it.