Dojo cleaning and Dojo Dollars

Just wanted to say a quick round of thanks to Adrian, Dylan, Geoff, Ray and Tracy for putting in the effort this weekend to mop the MEAC hall and clean the toilets, a job made a little more difficult due to the "help" of a live, flying feather duster that had somehow gotten caught inside sometime Friday.

We put the newly purchased BBRD mops and bucket to good use, and have installed a racking system attached to the shelving in the store room. With the arrival of the specialist mat cleaner this week, we are now good to go for weekly sluice downs of the tatami and cleaning of the floor. I have to say that training Kendo on Sunday morning was a pleasure on the clean surface.

Please remember everyone that we are offering "Dojo Dollars" that you can put towards reducing your training fees (either monthly or casual). Make sure that if you are interested, you add your name to the sign up sheet, which can be found in the storage area.