Welcome to the Toowoomba Fencing Club

I am happy to announce that BBRD will soon be supporting the practice of Olympic fencing here in Toowoomba.

Fencing is a University Games sport, and the Toowoomba Fencing Club has looked to provide opportunities for their USQ student members to focus on competing at that level. We are still bedding down some of the particulars regarding training times and location, but we hope to have that sorted by Market Day on Wednesday so that we can promote it to the University community. We have flyers and posters ready to go, and will set up a web page for them shortly. 

I'd like to thank Jamie Webb and Michael Stockwell for approaching the Club with their request to join under our Club banner. I will look forward to working with both of them to grow numbers of USQ students and general community members practising the art, and learning the finer points of the European sword traditions.