A new Club in the North!

While on exciting news, with my studies in Bundaberg having me up there for the next few years, I have been approached to found a new Club based in Gin Gin.

I am proud to announce that the Ken Jin Kan (剣人会) has been officially recognised under the banner of the Queensland Kendo Renmei, and we will be starting our first class on Wednesday 14 March, in the National Fitness Hall, Bruce Highway.

Many thanks to Tamara and Ivan for the invite to teach and for their enthusiasm for expanding local opportunities for the practice of Japanese martial arts in their district. My vision it to use the new Club as a foundation to see if there is any interest in franchising the BBRD concept at CQU over the next few years. I am very much looking forward to spreading the practice of Kendo and related arts, and with any luck we may see some of these new folk a the July seminar!