IBF Training day wrap up

I wanted to express both thanks and congratulations to Peter Hills, sensei, for organising another successful IBF training day this Sunday. This came off the back of his successful gradin to rokudan in Jujutsu on Saturday. Numbers were a little down from previous years, but we suspect that some sort of televised event might have been responsible for a little of that ...

Kateena M. Made the trip down with me, and suffice to say we may have another Jujutsu-ka on the mat come Tuesday. It was wonderful to catch up with Tony S. and Don Ouellette, sensei, both of whom have been completely flat sticks with their work commitments in recent months. 

Many thanks to Terry Riches, sensei, Kym Reid, sensei, Nigel Farrier, sensei, Steve Newson, sensei, and Don Ouellette, sensei, for running their seminar sessions. My sessions focussing on the use of the Jo to understand harai wasa seemed to be well received.

So I will look forward to next year, where hopefully more of the BBRD crowd will be in a position to come and participate. And with any luck we may be able to encourage some of the Brisbane-based folk to come up the hill and train with us!