Things on this week ...

We are almost at the end of the school year, which will bring with it some changes to the rhythm of classes at BBRD. We are intending to have a clean of the MEAC on Saturday, especially a thorough mop down of the floor before we lay down our mats for the summer holidays, and a comprehensive organisation of the storage area, including a check of the kendo equipment now that we have an additional set of shelves to store them on. We will be doing so from 2 pm Saturday, so it would be great to see as many hands on deck to facilitate that. As a result, we will not be doing any Jujutsu training Saturday, and may be a little delayed with Kendo training depending on how efficiently we work. 

I am also looking to set up some lunch time training sessions for Jujutsu, hopefully starting this week based on the logistics at the PCYC. I will try to have more clarity about times/costs later today, so will let folk know at training tonight. 

Eric and I have also started to do some Jodo Kihon on a Monday before FlexiFit, so if you are interested in learning more about the Jo, you can always come and give it a go!  

Arnis will be on Wednesdays now before Jujutsu (5-6 pm), and will remain so till I head back to Bundaberg in mid-March.  

It is great to hear that numbers are returning for Michael C’s Systema class on Tuesday nights, and depending on numbers, we may look to reopening the Saturday sessions as well.  

And if folk are up for a game of Go on Tuesday (12.30-1.30 pm negotiable) please let me know. I will be setting up some boards then to see if we can get a few more summer takers.