Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival

August madness is certainly upon us, and the first of the Club's public engagements kicks off this weekend coming. As with previous years we will have a number of scheduled performances through the day, specifically:

  • 11.00–11.30 am (Demo area)
  • 1.05–1.30 pm  (Goodwill Stage)
  • 2.00–3.00 pm (Demo Area)
  • 3.40–4.00 pm (Goodwill Stage)

As well as our usual stall with information, reading material and a "warm-up" mat where we will be able to give "rolling" demonstrations throughout the day.

Club Instructors will be talking with their respective students this week to give you an idea of what they would like for you to do through the day. If you let them know of your availability early, we are able to provide you with "Performer's Passes" which will allow you to get into the event for free. We will also need to have assistance with the set up and the "bump out" at the end of the day. Remember that you don't have to stick around for all of the event, and what commitment you can make will be both appreciated and helpful.

It is an enormously fun day, and the food and other activities held at the festival are certainly worth heading along for. Would love to see as many of you there in support as can make it!

Please remember that there will be no PCYC kendo on next Sunday in support of the Club efforts at the Festival.