Meet your 2018 Executive

One result of the AGM held on Saturday was the election of the 2018 Executive. The positions filled are:

  • President — Michael Baczynski
  • Secretary — Eric Tavenner
  • Treasurer — Sian Carlyon
  • General Member — Brady Albrand

The Club’s committee is also made up of appointed discipline coordinators, who may be doubling up with other roles. The current list is: 

  • Arnis — Dylan Green
  • Fencing — Jamie Webb and Michael Stockwell
  • Fire & Flow — Jesse Gough
  • Iaido — Tracy Campbell
  • Jujutsu, FlexiFit, Go, & Ken Jin Kan — Michael Baczynski
  • Kendo — Minty Ma
  • SMR Jodo and PunchFit — Eric Tavenner
  • Systema — Michael Conroy
  • Taiko — Tomoko Sneath and Michelle Wiersma

Discipline coordinators are your “go to” for any questions regarding your training or associated matters. We will be updating the contact details on the Club’s website over the next week.