Jodo Taste Tester 13 May

Hello All,
This past Saturday (13 May) was the Taste Tester for Jodo. Prior to the taste tester was a seminar on the sword arts open to all practioners of the ken.
In Jodo, we not only learn how to be good with the "stick" (jo) but we also have to be compentent in the use of the sword. During the sword seminar we covered general sword kehone and we also watched videos on how the sword is used in Jodo and in a few other sword arts.
During the taste tester we concentrated on the jo kehone and worked on the first three strikes. A short demonistration of the first Setei kata was conducted with the assistance of Ray Undery (one of Jodo's longest participating students).
Thanks to those who participated, and hope to see you in the future.