Changed training times from this Saturday.

The start of the new month will see a change to training times in order to accomodate my availability due to study committments. 

The most immediate will be this Saturday, where training will start at 2 pm, and take the order of Kendo (2–3.30pm), Jujutsu (3.40–4.40), then FlexiFit (4.45–5.45pm). I will be updating the Club’s website timetable later today to reflect this. 

The aim of the change is to make the transition between classes a little smoother, and to squeeze in FlexiFit, which I will no longer be in a position to direct of a Monday night as I will be in Bundaberg.  

I would ask that those coming in for Jujutsu please do so by 3.30 at the latest, so that you can assist with the set up of the training surface and be ready to start at 3.40 sharp. We shall then transition to FlexiFit and I’d encourage folk to stay for that class in order to properly cool down and do some body weight exercises. 

The second change will be to shift Wednesday Jujutsu to Thursday evening, starting at 6 pm. Again this will accomodate me driving back from Bundaberg to teach. We have yet to confirm the permanent shift for Kendo to Thursday second session (7.30 pm), but the likelihood is that we will be running it parallel with Iaido on a Thursday night.  

Hope to see you at the dojo!