Thanks for all who assisted over the weekend

It is always a very proud Club moment for me when I see folk from a range of disciplines coming together to help out and to otherwise support arts that they are not directly involved in. This weekend provided an excellent example of that, with support on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday to set up, witness and pack up the MEAC for the Shinto Musi Ryu Jodo demonstration.

So to specific thanks, first to Aikikai Toowoomba for the loan of extra mats to provide a large enough surface area for the demonstrations. Then on Friday to Geoff, Tracy, Kateena, Minty, Kumudu, Matt M and Eric for the initial set up. Saturday to Glen Henry sensei and his students for the demonstration, as well as Sean T, Kateena and Minty for coming and watching. And on Sunday to Dylan, Suren, Eric, Minty, Kateena, Jack and Tracy for the MEAC tidy up and transporting the borrowed mats back to the University. 

I am hopeful that a few of the new visitors to the Club from Saturday may convert over to some training sessions with Eric. Regardless, we should all be pleased with the efforts made to make the weekend a success.