Toowoomba kendo “Have a Go” day

We are close to locking in the details for the kendo “Have a Go” day, set for Saturday 24 February. Some of the final pieces to place are the formal request from the QKR president to senior members to form a grading panel, and finalisation of the focus for the first session of the day, where the public can come and watch before they try the art. 

We have booked the Salo Centre at St Ursula’s College, Taylor Street, for the event. Our booking is from 9 am till 3 pm, which will provide us with adequate time to set up and pack up. The proposed schedule for the day is: 

9.00 am — Get to venue and set up for the day and welcome visitors as they arrive
10.00 am — Official start to the day including opening ceremony and welcome to visitors
10.10 am — Commence keiko as directed by senior sensei. 
11.40 am — End keiko and welcome new community participants.
11.45 am — Start the “Have a Go” event
1.15 pm — Closing remarks and start of lunch
2.00 pm — Commence grading 
2.30 pm — Finish grading and pack up
3.00 pm — Afternoon tea in the Toowoomba Japanese garden (weather permitting)

Over the next fortnight we shall start to advertise via social media, flyers, and by accessing community media/local news media to get the event out there. I will be speaking with folk individually this week regarding what we can all do to make this a successful event.  

For those challenging for shinsa you will have to ensure all of your paperwork is lodged no later than Friday, which will mean that you will need me to sign off on it at Tuesday night’s training.  

I am quite excited about the proposed day and hopeful that it will be a springboard to spark a renaissance for kendo in the district. If everyone who has indicated they will come show up, we ought to have numerous newbie and sufficient experienced kendoka to help them take their first steps in the art!